What’s in My Work Bag

What I love most about going to work is the different styles of work bags that men and women wear on their way to work. From briefcases to tote bags to backpacks, the options are endless.  The last bag I had was a tote bag and boy did that thing do it’s time! It lasted well (I had it for about three years) but I knew I needed something new. For me, when I’m carrying heavy stuff like my laptop and magazines for work, I want something sturdy, chic, and neutral. I finally found one that’s perfect so here’s how I pack for work everyday!


  1. My bag – Got this cute little thang from Target! My mom actually found it while I was wandering around aimlessly but I love the two-toned neutral design and it’s the exact fit for my laptop.
  2. MacBook Pro – Literally my whole life is on this thing, I love it so much! Plus, it’s at the perfect size at 13 inches and easy to pack away.
  3. Magazines – My job requires me to research new brands and see what the latest trends are in interior design so I’m usually carrying these around.
  4. Notebook – I found this at Home Goods but I always carry this around when I need to jot down ideas for the next editorial, contacts, and other information.
  5. Wallet – Always my best friend when it comes to lunch and holding my metro card!
  6. Lipstick – Most lipsticks I have stay on pretty well throughout the day but those that don’t, I got to have to freshen up after lunch if I need it!
  7. Planner – My planner is from Ban.do and while it’s sold out, check out more of their desk and stationery products – they’re so cute! But I can never go a day without this, I’m pretty much a Type A when it comes to organization and planning things out.
  8. Snack – I’m a foodie and when you’re stuck on the metro, I can sneak some food in.



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